Explorative Machine for the Sonic Recomposition of Space

Installation at CA2RE/CA2RE+ Delft 2022 – TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

The site-specific sound installation is situated in the servant space between tribune and presentation room. Ambient noises and structure-borne vibrations are picked up by means of contact microphones. The resulting audio signals are processed, layered, amplified, and spatially redistributed to loudspeakers placed behind the three wall openings. Sonic properties (intensities, envelopes, frequencies) are sensed to modulate stochastic processes and generated sounds that follow and respond to the input signals. The acoustic environment and generative processes cross-modulate and mutually affect one another in a continuous composition.

Special thanks to the CA2RE/CA2RE+ organisation, panel members Ana Telles, Boštjan Botas Kenda, moderator Christoph Heinemann, Esther Venrooij, and my PhD supervisors Roberto Cavallo and Heidi Sohn for their comments; Roelof van Hoorn, Nathalie Kooijmans, Joran Kuijper, Alper Semih Alkan, Mariacristina D’Oria, and Gianluca Groce for the practical support; the APT Ecologies of Architecture research group for the comments and suggestions during the process, as well as the Villard d’Honnecourt team.