A series of site-specific sound projects and a collective exploration of everyday rhythms in and around the Spoorzone area of Delft, the Netherlands – an urban redevelopment area centered around the main transport hub of the city. See project website: www.hoorbare.net

Initiative and artistic direction in collaboration with Donia Jourabchi; sub-projects in collaboration with various artists, local organizations and several inhabitants of the area. Part of the Gebruik de Lege Ruimte program in Spoorzone Delft. Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL, Fonds 1818, Stichting DOEN, among others.

Selection of Hoorbare Herinneringen projects on this website: Klankspoor (2018), Traces & Territories (2015),  Synchronization of Temporalities (2015), Overlap (2014), Alternatieve Route #2 (2013/2014), Wall of Fame (2013), Tabula Rasa (2013), Alternatieve Route #1 (2013)

Below: Hoorbare Herinneringen (Audible Memories) incorporated in Pijlermonument – two preserved pillars as tangible reminder of fifty years of railway overpass through Delft. The sound archive of field recordings (2011-2017) will be transferred to Stadsarchief Delft (Delft City Archives) to remain accessible at all times.