Sound installation presented at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade for the Deleuze and Guattari Studies conference 2023.

Gilles Deleuze stated that the crisis of disciplinary ‘environments of enclosure’, from World War II onward, initiates the gradual transition to the ‘societies of control’, which operate through continuous ‘modulation’ rather than through spaces of confinement. Modulation is also the primary principle of signal transmission in machines – that is, the use of (electromagnetic) energy as carrier of information – which radically changed the philosophy of technology.
The sound installation aimed at actively engaging the audience in the process of modulation, in exploring and co-constituting a sound environment, beyond control. The installation consisted of a system of loudspeakers, microphones, and signal processors, which enabled (processed) feedback and cross-modulations to produce a continuously evolving sound space. Each microphone was linked to a different combination of modulations and responded in an unpredictable manner.

Sound excerpts will be added soon.

Photos by Đorđe Bulajić. Sound system and technical support by Cat Systems. Special thanks to George Hristov and Simona Žikić (DGS2023), Charlotte for the parabolic shell, Donia Jourabchi for making available the microphones.