Critical Band Ensemble seeks to make audible the actual inner workings of the politics of amplification and the psychopathological symptoms of instrumentalised disinformation by means of real-time processing of voice and recording, modulation of signal, and spatial diffusion of sound and radio waves.

Members: Donia Jourabchi, Taufan ter WeelEdyta Jarząb, Dorian Batycka and Krzysztof Marciniak.

See publication  Warsound | Warszawa (2016) and on this website Intensive Territories: Politics of Amplification’

Performance at book launch, Warsaw: CSW Ujazdowski Castle, February 2017

Performance at Sanatorium of Sound, August 2017

Thanks to Sanatorium of Sound, especially Gerard Lebik and Zuzanna Fogtt. Special thanks to Piotr Motyl and Adrian Dzwiek for technical and practical support.

Photos above: Sanatorium of Sound