Material-Discursive Processor

Sound composition designed for the 16th International Deleuze and Guattari Studies Camp and Conference at TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. Due to restrictions of the venue the initial physical installation will be replaced by a continuous self-generative sound composition presented at the conference. On this page (linked to the QR-code in the book of abstracts) audio examples will be made available from the start of the event onward.

The initial sound installation explores convolutions of the discursive and the machinic in the production of subjectivity through real-time processing of speech. A booth is installed in the given exhibition room to allow the audience to speak into a microphone. The speech signals are recorded, stored in buffers (a temporary sound archive), and processed in real time. The recorded material is cut into phrases, words, smaller samples or grains, which are, in turn, selected, processed, and distributed to loudspeakers. Excerpts from the conference talks are recorded and fed into the process. Carefully chosen words (and perhaps other vocal expressions) are subjected to machinic processes – the distinction between human and non-human decision-making blurs.
The process is algorithmic and sample-based (or granular), whereby time is cut into pieces and redistributed over time in an ongoing but time-discrete process. All processes are interlinked and cross-modulative but to a certain degree unpredictable, generating an expanding and complexifying continuous sound composition.